Hyperthermia and Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Healing through Hyperthermia

Written by Christopher Kiggins

Hyperthermia and Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

When I get sick the first thing I notice is an elevated fever. For some a fever is barely noticeable, for me it is the gateway to misery. I hate having a fever and generally, when I do, I am totally useless. That said, when I first began investigating far infrared sauna therapy I was more than skeptical about the body heating enough to induce a ‘false’ fever. 

Fortunately, I had nothing to worry about. Years, and many hundreds of saunas later, I truly believe the small elevation in body temperature produced by far infrared sauna rays has been the reason for my continued and excellent health.

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For a long time fever, hyperthermia has been a misunderstood and mistreated symptom. Generally, fever is suppressed when in fact a healthy temperature combats infection and disease. A fever can be constructive. 

When the body is experiencing a high fever metabolism is heightened, viral and bacterial growth is inhibited and the normal healing process is enhanced. Culturally, in different parts of the world, a fever is utilized to actually heal the disease being presented.

So, hyperthermia can and is used as an effective healing technique. Healers from long ago recognized that an elevated temperature could assist as an effective tool used to battle various illnesses. In ancient Greece, physicians used elevated body fever as an immune defense against infection of all kinds.

Natives from the West Indes suffering from cancer, along with other afflictions, cured themselves by utilizing infection thus high fever to cure more serious disease; malaria, typhus or typhoid. In ancient Rome the cancer toll rose as soon as they drained the water nearby that was causing a plague of mosquitoes, thus causing malaria and its accompanying fever. No fevers accelerated cancer rates. Conclusion- a fever kills virus and bacteria.

Far infrared saunas are a great deal lower in thermal signature than the traditional stove or rock saunas. Hyperthermic methods are enjoying a therapeutic comeback even as health practitioners recognize that non-life threatening procedures are enjoying a comeback. 

It is acknowledged that a therapeutic artificially induced fever, can be extremely effective in successful healing. Even elevating a mild fever results in a natural and biological defense as it boosts the immune system allowing it to destroy destructive pathogens.

This essentially destroys both foreign and otherwise invading microorganisms. In other words, it literally burns out foreign or invading microorganisms. In the past, ancient physicians used additional heat producing botanicals in order to guard against colds, infections and even serious diseases. 

Today’s practitioners utilize far infrared heat in the same way and generally for identical purposes. They elevate the heat of the body to treat acute bronchitis, pneumonia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and lupus; along with cancer and HIV.

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Diseased cells are simply far more sensitive to fever, natural or not, and they cannot tolerate high heat as normal cells can. These diseased cells are unable to adapt at higher temperatures; they are unable to reproduce. Blood, heated and circulating, kills tumors, bacteria, and viruses. In fact, elevated temperature decimates diseased cells even as the remaining integrity of surrounding healthy cells is maintained.

Again this form of therapy is not new. Thousands of years ago a physician named Parmenides also used elevated body temperature to cure disease. He stated if you allowed him to create a fever he could cure most anything. In 1891 William Coley, MD wrote about this very subject. He posted a research paper that stated even those suffering from cancer, made to experience a high fever, usually went into remission.

He felt that allowing the body to be overheated actually stimulated the body’s own healthy immune response thus allowing cancer to diminish. Today, it is not unusual to see many hospitals in the USA being proponents of some form of induced far infrared hyperthermia to their sick patients. 

It seems this infrared heat is extremely efficient at eliminating many forms of disease; it’s easy and safe. Far infrared sauna therapy elevates the heat within the patient’s body tissues causing a false fever, boosting health in so many varying ways.

Lawrence Wilson is quoted often regarding the effective use of far infrared sauna therapy. In 2004 he authored an article on infrared and its effectiveness. Simply, he stated that the most efficient way to single out and combat cancer cells was the use of far infrared waves. The warm heat removes toxins, chemicals, and heavy metal toxins. The infrared increases oxygenation and boosts the immune system.

So exactly what is the final conclusion on the therapeutic properties of far infrared heat therapy? Hyperthermia stimulates metabolic processes all the while inhibiting the growth and viability of bacteria and viruses. Far infrared sauna therapy aids in the ability of glands and organs to fend off disease. The body’s natural healing devices are increased and enabled even as they accelerate its ability to deter bacteria.

Through the skin, the largest organ in the body, profuse sweat is the avenue best able to eliminate and detoxify both bacteria and disease. All in all, hyperthermia is a valuable tool in your on-going battle to maintain and enjoy optimal health.

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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

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