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SaunaCloud™ infrared saunas has the most experience of any company in the custom infrared sauna space. From high-end commercial projects to your residential traditional sauna conversion to a beautiful infrared sauna, no one will be more helpful along the way than us. We are the only sauna company who's main focus is custom infrared saunas.

Designing your own sauna can be a lot of fun and is the perfect way to get exactly what you want. However, it is important to think about safety before you begin building.

Before I built my custom infrared sauna, I did research on various materials and found out the electrical sources necessary for a proper Sauna. This turned out to be a great success, as I partnered with an electrician who allowed me to learn everything needed for the creation of customized saunas.

If you want to build your own, don't hesitate to reach out. We'll get you started with the best materials and provide training throughout the process. And once it's constructed, every product from our store is at your service for any questions or future needs.

Request a free custom sauna quote below. We'll get back to you in 24 hours with beautiful sauna renderings/drawings and a detailed quote.

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I have written the most comprehensive guide to custom infrared saunas ever written. I aim to really help you understand the process of building a diy infrared sauna. I will show you which infrared heaters are the best, why Cedar is the best wood and why you can't build a custom infrared sauna without Full Spectrum heaters. I will then show you how to configure your sauna, how to build it and how to safely wire it. All for free. Download it!

written by Christopher Kiggins | DIY Infrared Sauna Enthusiast
written by Christopher Kiggins | DIY Infrared Sauna Enthusiast | 800.370.0820

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7 Year Warranty
The Longest in the Industry

"I start every day in the sauna--I love it. I had read about the health benefits, but feeling is believing. The mental clarity and the calm feeling are for real. I also have a wood-fired Finnish sauna at home. It's fun and relaxing (especially with a small group), but it doesn't feel as healing as the infrared sauna. Did I mention how much I love my sauna? Thank you Chris and everyone at SaunaCloud™."

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No one provides better service. Seriously, check the reviews.

Our saunas are designed down to the millimeter for your particular space. Whether the space is under a staircase, in an existing hot-rock sauna, or tucked away in a basement closet, SaunaCloud™ designers are prepared to create your dream sauna. We will walk you through every step of the process so that each decision is perfect for you and your family.

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Our heaters are 30% hotter than our nearest competitor. We are the only company using Full Spectrum in a custom sauna.

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VantaWave™ Quartz/Graphite

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  • 97% Emissive
  • 190°F Surface Temperature
  • Wavelength in microns: 7.9
  • Average EMF: .20 mG
  • Most effective at raising core temp for 30+ minutes
  • Most comfortable
  • Long infrared wavelength for maximum absorption

VantaWave™ Halogen Heaters

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  • 97% Emissive
  • 775°F Surface Temperature
  • Wavelength in microns: 4.2
  • Average EMF: 3 mG
  • Very Effective at raising core temp for 20 minutes
  • Less comfortable/Most Intense
  • Shortest infrared wavelength for infrared absorption

Ceramic Heaters

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  • 97% Emissive
  • 400°F Surface Temperature
  • Wavelength in microns: 6.0
  • Average EMF: 10 mG
  • Very Effective at raising core temp for 20 minutes
  • Less comfortable
  • Moderate infrared wavelength for infrared absorption

Carbon Heaters

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  • 95% Emissive
  • 140°F Surface Temperature
  • Wavelength in microns 9.2
  • Average EMF: 30 mG
  • Least effective at raising core temp for 30 minutes
  • Least effective
  • Long infrared wavelength with little to no heat/absorption

"I start every day in the sauna—I love it." -Doug

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