SaunaCloud® Shipping and Return Policy

SaunaCloud® Shipping and Return Policy SaunaCloud® Shipping and Return Policy

At SaunaCloud® our goal is to make your infrared sauna buying experience simple, efficient and easy. Our promise is to ensure your total satisfaction. Shipping damage claims are rare, but they do happen. In the event of shipping damage we will promptly replace or fix the damage to your satisfaction. Should you need to return an item to us, please note our Cancellation and Return Policy below:

Visible Loss or Damage: Any external evidence of loss or damage that occurred during transit is considered visible loss or damage and should be noted on the bill of lading and signed by the carrier’s agent (driver).

Concealed Loss or Damage: Any damage that occurred during transit that was not visible at the time of delivery is considered concealed loss or damage. Due to rough handling in transit it is possible to damage the contents of a container without damaging the container. If such a situation occurs it is important to contact SaunaCloud® immediately for instructions on how to handle the claim. If a claim is to be filed it is important to save the container that the damaged merchandise arrived in. You must open all received boxes and inspect products for concealed damage within 7 business days of delivery.

Receiving Your Shipment: When receiving your shipment it is important to do the following:

1. Your shipment may consist of a number of individual boxes placed on a single pallet. The pallet will need to be separated to be unloaded. You sauna will be shipped with lift gate service with a scheduled appointment for delivery. The driver will move your sauna off of the truck.

2. Check shipment for any visible damage to containers. If the boxes are dented, crushed, scratched, punctured, or cut it is very important to mark this on the bill of lading. If there is a possibility of damage it may be necessary to open the box and mark the actual damage on the bill of lading. It is important to be specific.

3. Boxes that have been dropped may not show obvious signs of external damage. You may want to open these specific boxes before the driver leaves to ensure that the contents do not have concealed damage. The driver may refuse to allow you the time to open specific boxes – if this is the case, open the boxes as soon as possible, but not later then 7 days after the delivery, to inspect for damage.

Refusing a Freight Shipment & Freight Carrier Fees: If the shipment is damaged and unusable, it may be necessary to refuse part or all of the order. Call our shipping department at 1-800-370-0820 before refusing any shipment.

Please note that any additional freight carrier’s fees such as re-delivery are the responsibility of the customer (unless otherwise noted on your order). Liftgate service and delivery notification are standard with all order. If additional services are requested by you and billed to SaunaCloud®, all such fees shall then be re-billed to your credit card. If the freight carrier is unable to deliver the freight due to problems with contacting you or setting up delivery appointments, storage fees may be assessed by the carrier. In such case all storage fees are the responsibility of the customer and shall be billed to your credit card.

Custom Sauna Warranty Info Custom Sauna Warranty Info

1. Only the electronics (heaters, controls, power supply, and thermostat cables) are covered under our warranty. Wood is to be used and maintained at the discretion of the customer. There is no warranty for wood under any circumstances. SaunaCloud will provide parts and pay for shipping costs for our warranty products.

2. There is a 7 year warranty for residential and 5 year warranty for commercial electronic sauna components. 

3. SaunaCloud does not provide any installation or installation of any repair service parts. 

4. All parts must be installed by a licensed electrician. 

5. There are no refunds for custom sauna orders.