5 Great Infrared Sauna Tips

For a Better Infrared Sauna Experience

Written by Christopher Kiggins

5 Great Infrared Sauna Tips

I have been using my infrared sauna for three years now and I wouldn’t know what to do without it. I try my best to get in every day. Over the years I have picked up some tips on the best way to use my infrared sauna.

1. Use your sauna every day for 30 minutes


Using your sauna every day becomes effortless if you build it into your daily routine, much like going to the gym. I find that it’s far easier to keep up with by taking regular sessions. Additionally, the pores in your skin will open up faster if you use your sauna consistently. The longer that you sweat, the more toxins will be released.

2. Make sure that you put a towel down on the bench and the floor


The best way to keep your sauna clean is by being proactive in its upkeep. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to move or repair a customer’s sauna and found it in horrible shape. Instead of sweating into towels, they would sweat right into the wood, causing deep sweat stains. 

Now, this won’t ruin the wood, but it looks unappealing and in the long run you will waste a lot of time sanding it back to perfection. The best way to avoid this is to put a towel down on the bench and the floor and be religious about it! Make sure you use clean towels and change them after each session.

3. Get in the sauna at 110°F


Remember, infrared saunas don’t work by heating the air; rather, your body absorbs the infrared waves, which then raise your core body temperature 2-3 degrees. This makes the interior air temperature feel much hotter than it actually is. As a result, you are able to produce a much deeper sweat than you would in a traditional sauna. 

Having said that, I believe the best temperature to get in at is 110 degrees °F. This will allow the heaters to get to the optimal surface temperature of 200 degrees °F. This is the perfect temperature for penetrating your body and raising your core temperature, as you are inside for 15-20 minutes longer than a traditional sauna.

4. Drink plenty of water


Make sure that you drink plenty of water before, during, and after your sauna session. The two things that you will notice the most when you use your sauna consistently are the sleep benefits and increased water intake. You really have no choice but to drink a lot of water while you are in the sauna. The increased water intake will result in a boost in your metabolism, lower calorie intake, improvement in muscle function, normal bowel movements, healthier kidneys and healthier looking and feeling skin.

5. Keep yourself entertained


Feel free to bring in your ipad, iphone, smartphone or kindle in to the sauna. I usually watch netflix or read my kindle, which makes the 30 minute session go by quickly and gives me something extra to look forward to when I use my sauna every day. Another great thing to do is meditate, the sauna provides a very peaceful environment, perfect for meditation or even collecting your everyday thoughts.

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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

I have been writing, learning, educating and generally pointing people in the right direction infrared sauna wise since 2012. Let me know how I can help: chris@saunacloud.com - (530) 417-1220

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