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Written by Christopher Kiggins

Infrared heals wounds faster

It was necessary for me to visit our local Dermatologist just after last Christmas. He told me the story behind why he decided to purchase a far infrared sauna. True story. Apparently, one of his patients, a middle-aged woman, was being treated for severe sun damage on her face.

Eventually, it became necessary to remove a cancerous lesion from her forehead. The incision would be about a quarter inch deep and about the size of a half dollar. The surgery went well, the patient was told how to care for the wound and the doctor told her to return every week for four weeks in order to check on her progress.

She returned the first week and was doing well – even healing better than expected. By the third week, her wound was healing so fast that the doctor asked her what else she was doing that accelerated her improvement so quickly. She told him her secret weapon was her far infrared sauna. 

He asked about it, did his research, tried one himself for a course of weeks then eventually bought his own unit for this office. Still, to this day, he offers it to his patients in need of any specific healing needed on their skin. Far infrared heat is wonderful for the healing and repair of wounds.

Far infrared sauna therapy has been shown to provide a variety of health benefits to their users – useful for detoxification, reducing blood pressure, slowing the aging process, and also the advanced healing of skin lesions and wounds. Currently, the technology produced by far infrared sauna heat and light therapies demonstrates its capability of encouraging cell regeneration.

Wounds, cuts, scars and even acne will heal quicker and get better almost immediately when bathed in the warm and gentle infrared light waves. Additionally, as a heat-based health innovation far infrared also aids in de-stressing and encouraging deep relaxation. Cell regeneration is realized and in general, all skin anomalies to include wounds, cuts, and scars, will heal quickly within this therapeutic far infrared environment.

Far infrared sauna therapy also slowly and efficiently restores toxic elimination through the skin. The skin is our largest organ and a major eliminative channel. Most of us have congested and inactive, toxic skin unable to throw off chemicals and metals. Added to that, overexposure to the sun, wearing toxic synthetic clothing and vulnerability to chlorine in the water we live with bathes us in toxic chemicals.


Enter damage and even skin cancer from the sun and you can see why infrared light and heat would profoundly affect your skin. When you insert sympathetic nervous symptom activity and heightened emotional response such as fear, anxiety, anger or guilt blood withdraws from the skins surface contributing to its inability to properly heal.

So, just exactly how does all the detoxification then healing happen? In a word – sweat! An effective, healthy sweat isn’t just fun it’s vital. If the body was unable to perspire it would simply expire. Without the ability to rid itself of excess water and salt, necessary for prevention of overheating, the body would not be able to maintain proper balance. Fortunately, there are many avenues available to produce a healthy sweat. One of the easiest and most efficient is the use of a far infrared sauna and it’s efficient use of light frequencies.

All tissues and cells within our bodies have differing and individual light absorption distinctions. The body’s skin maintains an increased level of both blood and water in its mixture. Due to this, it absorbs red light more readily than either calcium or phosphorous. Then, as the body does not scatter the red light it utilizes its benefits; providing skin cells with added energy to promote regeneration. 

In a nutshell, it enables your body the ability to heal quickly and efficiently. It could place your body in grave danger if you were unable to expel the mix of mostly water and salt, naturally produced by the body, to prevent overheating. There are many ways to gain the benefits of a healthy sweat. The best one I’ve found is the use of a far infrared sauna.

Use of far infrared is essential and without the heavy perspiration from the body, it would have no way to rid itself of the many toxins released by the sauna. For many years health professionals and health-conscious laymen have been praising far infrared saunas for their amazing ability to make people sweat copiously and comfortably. 

While sweating inside a far infrared sauna we assist our body’s ability to expunge toxins the like of mercury, lead and additional contaminants which have been building in our systems for years. This is all necessary when healing various skin anomalies; acne, psoriasis, wounds. Additionally, when using far infrared heat there are some wonderful benefits; heart, lung, kidney and other organs functions are improved.

For those suffering from certain skin diseases, or those just wishing to improve the look and feel of their skin, far infrared can be particularly therapeutic. Healthy sweat makes your skin glow. The skin is not recognized as our largest and major organ of elimination. It is necessary to sweat occasionally for good health. 

Repeated and consistent use of a far infrared sauna, on a regular basis, reduces the body’s toxic load. The gentle and warming infrared rays promote perspiration and a release of toxins by way of the entire skin’s surface. Since ancient times sweating has been a major way of cleansing the body both inside and out.

Far infrared sauna therapy strongly supports your body’s ability to allow your skin to heal wounds and grow newer, healthier tissue. Cell growth is increased and wound size is decreased. Infrared light and heat are truly wonderful for healing your body’s largest organ; your skin.


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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

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