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Why 99% of Infrared Saunas Are the Same [2021]

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Written by Christopher Kiggins

If you have read my blog or my book you know that I am a huge proponent of educating the public on infrared saunas. I constantly hear how difficult it is to research saunas online because everyone is constantly selling. It’s the unfortunate reality in our small industry. There are no real reliable reviews online (like a consumer reports) because the industry is just too small. Moreover, the real reviews that customers write are drowned out by fake reviews that companies write about themselves.

Go ahead and search “infrared sauna” – find a few of the largest companies and then add “company+reviews”. You will find so much BS that it turns away honest people looking for a great sauna. The good news is that there are good companies out there (apart from this one even!) that offer great saunas. (Feel free to give me a call and I will gladly tell you if the company you are researching is reputable and if they offer a good product).

The problem that arises is that most of the infrared saunas that are sold today are exactly the same from company to company. Not just because they have the same features or offer the same heaters—they are actually coming from the same factory in China.

What they then do is white label these saunas with their own branding. What then happens is that these companies have to come up with some way to sell you on their sauna over the next guy’s sauna. That being said, let’s get into the different types of sauna companies.

Cheap sauna companies Cheap sauna companies

Fact: There are only a handful of infrared sauna manufacturers in China.
Fact: Everyone buys their saunas from these factories. Don’t believe them if they tell you otherwise.
Fact: These saunas are easy to spot as they all look the same!
Fact: The cheap carbon heaters that all of these companies use have a surface temperature of 140 degrees F. This is not hot enough to heat your body.

Over the past couple of decades many upstart sauna companies began importing cheap containers of infrared saunas. They offered them at a low cost and provided a substandard product which we now realize can be dangerous. The lack of quality in construction, materials and safety issues lend these infrared saunas not only bad for your health, but they can be dangerous in terms of basic wiring issues and other items; poisonous vapors from cheap glue, elevated radiation levels and even noxious odors from inexpensive wood.

If you are inclined to purchase a cheap infrared sauna, please give me a call and I will lead you in the right direction to the best sauna that I know of for the price. However, at this moment, the cheapest infrared sauna that actually has low EMF sells for just over $2,000. So you will have to know you might be causing more harm than good in terms of your health.

Companies that masquerade as luxury sauna companies Companies that masquerade as luxury sauna companies

Fact: They use the same heaters as the cheap sauna companies but market them as more effective. An example of this is any company offering solo/nano carbon heaters. They are literally EXACTLY the same as the heaters in the cheap saunas from above. Nothing special is added.

Fact: If the sauna was worth its salt the company behind it would cover it with a full lifetime warranty. Make sure you get a full lifetime warranty and ask if there is anything “limited” about it.

Fact: These companies pay for professional health affiliations and doctor recommendations. Think of it this way, how does it help the American Heart Association or Dr. Joel Kahn to reach out to a small sauna company for the privilege of being associated with them? This just allows for the sauna company to mask their cheap sauna as being top of the line.

I have set up and used the “top of the line” sauna from the “top of the line” sauna company. It was all smoke and mirrors.

So how are your saunas different? And why should I (as the reader) believe you? So how are your saunas different? And why should I (as the reader) believe you?

When you buy a sauna from Sauna Cloud you get two verbal (and written) promises: a full lifetime warranty on every part of the sauna and a 30 day full money back guarantee. What this means is that we view you as a member of our team (we are a referral based business) and not as the opponent. The biggest infrared sauna company online views their clients as opponents. We do the opposite. We want your return business. Period. Are we the only ones that do this? No. There are other really great companies out there. There is a difference between us and other good companies, however…

Our heaters! Remember, you must always start with the infrared heaters. That is what is doing the healing. Your body needs heat, but it also needs a longer wave to penetrate and absorb. We have found that the best surface temperature for this to occur is 200 degrees F.

The main thing that separates our heaters are: The main thing that separates our heaters are:

Only combination carbon and ceramic heaters on the market
Only patented infrared heaters
Only third party tested heaters for EMF, Emissivity and VOC’s
Only heater with a surface temperature of 200 degrees F

Please let me know if you have any questions on this or if you would like a free review of any sauna, company or their warranty. You can reach me at chris@saunacloud.com

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I am glad infrared saunas have developed the way they have, because I couldn’t imagine my life without the benefits they provide, like deep sleep, lower blood pressure, less joint pain, weight loss, and a boosted immune system. Here at SaunaCloud I sell saunas that are some of the best history has offered. My far infrared saunas use advanced ceramic-carbon combination heaters for an amazing sauna experience. For more information on how SaunaCloud’s infrared saunas work and how they can improve your health, download my book The Definitive Guide to Infrared Saunas. Just give us a call at SaunaCloud 1.800.370.0820.

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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

I have been writing, learning, educating and generally pointing people in the right direction infrared sauna wise since 2012. Let me know how I can help: chris@saunacloud.com - (530) 417-1220