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Things You’ll Notice After One Week of Infrared Sauna Use

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Written by Christopher Kiggins

You will get the best sleep of your life

I am currently seven days in on my 90 day infrared sauna challenge. I have to say that it’s much easier to use your infrared sauna when you’re in a good rhythm of using it, much like going to the gym.

As we know, there are many long term reasons to get an infrared sauna–detoxification, blood pressure, and weight loss. But you are much more likely to notice short term health benefits, even after only a week of use.

Here is what I’ve experienced over the last seven days:




It’s almost been nine years since I took my first infrared sauna session. I remember like it was yesterday. At that time I was about 30 pounds overweight and I was taking high blood pressure medication. As a result, I was always thinking about having high blood pressure and an elevated pulse rate. It had become a vicious cycle of always taking my blood pressure and pulse rate–not exactly calming. I was extremely stressed to the point that I had trouble breathing at times. After 15 minutes during my very first infrared sauna session, that feeling was gone. When I use my sauna, I am much more relaxed. It’s not even close. Over the last week I have felt calm and refreshed as a result.

Water Intake


When you take regular infrared sauna sessions the amount of water that moves through your body is incredible. I usually drink four or five big glasses of water a day. During the last week I have been drinking over a liter and a half of water. When you are in the sauna rhythm of taking a session everyday, you wake up drinking water and drink it at night before bed. I was looking for a word to describe how it feels and all I could think of was cleansed. There aren’t many synonyms.

Healthier Skin


I wouldn’t go as far as saying that your skin looks younger–however, it does feel amazing. It feels like I am moisturizing my skin daily–which I would never take the time to actually do. If you talk to a dermatologist they will tell you that your skin is a window to your overall health (this can include stress levels as well). Having healthy skin is a great feeling.

Relaxed Muscles


For years I did hot yoga (Bikram). I love hot yoga, however, I hate the cost. Here in San Francisco it’s $150/month for membership. What I loved most about it was how stretched out my muscles were. I am not a limber person and being able to touch my toes is a great feeling. After a week in my infrared sauna I would say I am honestly about 90% as flexible after doing hot yoga stretches.



The number one benefit that I notice when using my sauna is a normalized sleep schedule. My day is so much more productive after a great night sleep. Everything feels better. Additionally, I no longer need an alarm clock. I wake up refreshed and fully awake. The day usually goes pretty well after that. Rinse and repeat.

I would say that my 90 day sauna session is going pretty well. I haven’t lost weight minus a pound or so; however, drinking the amount of water that I do actually is making me feel less bloated, which makes me feel thinner. I’ll take it!

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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

I have been writing, learning, educating and generally pointing people in the right direction infrared sauna wise since 2012. Let me know how I can help: chris@saunacloud.com - (530) 417-1220