The Fight Against Time with Lyme’s

Lyme’s sufferers can sweat with infrared

Written by Christopher Kiggins

Lyme’s sufferers have trouble detoxifying

It’s no secret that good weather is ahead as spring approaches and we set our clocks forward. With all that sunlight coaxing us outdoors we can be exposed to a few problems in terms of insect bites; in particular tick bites. Ticks carry Lyme disease. It’s important to recognize a tick bite right away and immediately get to a Far Infrared sauna and begin sauna therapy as soon as possible!

When a person is first bitten by a tick, they usually experience a bulls eye-shaped rash for up to a few weeks, and then it goes away. One may feel ill and some people do not notice the rash. In some cases, Lyme disease causes few obvious symptoms. However, if the body becomes weakened, then some common symptoms include aches and pains, dizziness, irritability, neuritis, neuralgia, muscle pains, chronic fatigue, depression and many others. The severity of symptoms depends upon where the parasites are, how many are in the body, and how weak or out of balance the body is.

Lyme disease is one of the by-products of warmer weather and the onset of deer tick season. Young deer ticks carry the spirochete that causes Lyme Disease and are most active from mid-May to mid-August. This disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. It is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected deer ticks and can cause lifelong debilitating effects such as arthritis, general fatigue, malaise, and many neurological deficits. 

I have come to realize that detoxification is just as important a component in recovering and healing from Lyme as an efficient and effective medical treatment protocol. Patients treating their Lyme Disease are aware that toxins from dead spirochetes flood their bodies once the spirochetes are killed. Each time this occurs toxins build and it is incumbent upon the patient to detoxify. It is my opinion the most effective, passive and efficient method for successful detoxification from Lyme, is the consistent use of a Far Infrared sauna.

The Lyme spirochete appears to be very heat sensitive. This is a fact we use to our advantage with Far Infrared sauna therapy. It works beautifully with many cases of Lyme disease, and is inexpensive and completely non-toxic. You need at least one Far Infrared sauna sessions a day. The Far Infrared heat may not kill the parasite however it seems able to at least disable it to some degree, and perhaps causes the death of susceptible organisms as well.

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I believe, when you first begin using a Far Infrared sauna, you should start slowly. When detoxifying from Lyme Disease one to two days a week for no more than fifteen minutes would be best for each session. As you detox more heat and minutes can be added until you are comfortable with the regular, recommended session suggestions. When you sweat in the infrared sauna it flushes fat-soluble toxins out of your body via the skin. 

Taking it slow will prevent the mobilization of too many toxins that have accumulated prior to Lyme Disease. These common toxins include poisons, pesticides and heavy metals. If too many toxins flood the body you’ll feel worse before you feel better. This infrared sauna detoxification assists the immune system and furthers the healing process while increasing circulation, invigorating the body and allowing the Lyme medication to more efficiently reach all parts of the body. The bonus I discovered is it also relaxes the muscles, and joints providing much needed pain relief.

A patient with Lyme Disease may discover that the infrared detox protocol seems to be less effective after several months use. This is not necessarily true as it is simply the rate of the detox that has slowed. Patience is key and faith in the Far Infrared is encouraged by continuing the treatment and protocol that will ultimately lead to slow but consistent detoxification as the body exploits the largest organ, producing healing sweat, and eventually assisting in the recovery from the original toxin found in Lyme Disease.

A properly designed nutritional balancing program will usually reduce the severity of Lyme disease without a need for antibiotics. In most cases, people can return to a normal life. If one continues the Far Infrared sauna therapy for a number of years, the disease can even possibly be eradicated completely.

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