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Can you improve your sense of smell in a sauna?

Written by Christopher Kiggins

Can you improve your sense of smell in an infrared sauna?

Before I began taking a daily Far Infrared sauna I noticed my sense of smell seemed to be diminishing. However, shortly after starting my sauna therapy my sense of smell returned and it returned in a big way. Within days of starting the detox, I noticed my sense of smell intensified. Currently I can smell bad smells like body odor or spoiled food more intensely. 

I can smell people’s perfume or cologne a mile away. If they come close to me their scent, good or bad is front and center. Did you know that there’s a word for the loss of the sense of smell? It’s called anosmia and it can happen for a number of reasons. Stress can cause your sense of smell to disappear temporarily. Also being overloaded with toxins diminishes your sense of smell.

Anything that disrupts your endocrine system can also upset your sense of smell. Your endocrine system is a system of glands that release hormones that regulate your bodily systems. Your endocrine system, thus your sense of smell, can also be disrupted by exposure to toxins. If you can reduce stress and concurrently detoxify your body normal function should return and you’ll regain your ability to smell.

It should not surprise you to discover that we are confronted with and exposed to a large number of toxins, poisons and environmental hazards each and every day. Most of these toxins did not exist one hundred years ago. They are a by-product of our contemporary culture. Toxins come in many forms and can be contained in medications, additives, pesticides, heavy metals, water, air, food and various poisonous substances, to specify only a handful. The procedure of accumulating and then storing these toxins is called bioaccumulation.

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So, are all toxins bad? I believe the answer is yes. Poisons, in the form of toxic substances are absorbed then retained by our body, where they synergize with enzymes and distort our cell receptors. Homeostasis, a relatively stable state of equilibrium, is then interrupted. Cellular function, confused by the offending toxin and it’s electrical receptivity, becomes abnormal. 

Cells need to reproduce and when that function is interfered with they are unable to behave normally. Cells simply do not act normally when confronted by a toxin. This poses a very real danger to the body when the millions of cells we have no longer do their job.

Thankfully there is a way to both de-tox and reduce stress. Far Infrared sauna therapy! Just what does Far Infrared sauna therapy do in terms of detoxifying your body? When your body absorbs the Far Infrared wavelength it causes your cells to actually vibrate at a specific frequency. Resonant frequency is the term to describe this vibration and is simply defined as the tendency of a system to oscillate at varying frequencies; some greater than others. 

At the point when the body is confronted by the Far Infrared wavelength, at 6.0 microns and your cells start to vibrate, poisons and toxins are shaken free of your fat tissue (fat cells) and are then discharged through your lungs, small intestine (excretion), urine and through your integumentary system via perspiration (your skin). The gentle Far Infrared heat is soothing, healing and relaxing. Your stress level diminishes and relaxation follows.

Having a more enhanced sense of smell is wonderful. Since I began using my Far Infrared sauna my sense of smell is far more pronounced. Smells are more intense and can sometimes even be overwhelming. I am not a smoker and I now find second-hand smoke really annoying. I can smell the spoiled food in my fridge and the beautiful ocean breeze. Yet another great and unexpected byproduct when enjoying the many benefits of Far Infrared sauna therapy.

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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

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