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Written by Christopher Kiggins

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When I was a kid a great deal of my schoolmates were diagnosed with autism. As I’ve aged I have friends whose children have also been labeled with this diagnosis. I decided it would be interesting, even helpful, to research it’s symptoms and possible cures. What I discovered were volumes of information along with a lot of personal opinions on how to effectively treat/cure autism. One of these aids is the use of a far infrared sauna.

Two items stood out in my research on autism. Children, and adults, who deal with this tend to be somewhat toxic along with experiencing diminished blood circulation. Far infrared sauna therapy naturally detox’s the body and promotes healthier blood circulation. In fact detoxification is one of the most well known benefits of far infrared therapy. 

It’s all about the warm and gentle heat eminating from the far infrared. Far infrared aids in assisting cell processes only available when utilizing far infrared heat/light; specifically for those with autism. Jill Harrison, a leading researcher in this field, explains it this way.

A great deal of research has been recognized in the use of far infrared saunas when it comes to increasing micro-circulation. This allows the body’s blood to flow effortlessly within the body. This then aids in the exchange of oxygen/nutrients for waste/byproducts in the cells. Additionally, those with autism have been known to have less than efficient blood circulation within particular areas of their brains; known as hypo profusion. 

Concluding this research it was shown how the increased profusion of circulating blood aids in those with autism when utilizing far infrared heat waves. These heat waves have a unique ability to allow for enhancing memory, learning, while also enabling better skills when learning behavior modification. Immune functions and neurotransmission functions are also improved.

Far infrared sauna therapy, when used for those with autism, produce infrared heat waves with the aptitude to trigger the release of nitric oxide from the endothelial lining of the blood vessels. Blood vessel elasticity is improved along with improving blood circulation when nitric oxide is present. As optimal circulation is a main factor for health and healing this has huge implications.

I have found one of the most important aspects of all health maintenance is elevating your blood’s circulation especially if suffering with autism. Use of a far infrared sauna assists your blood in flushing out toxins and keeps your heart pumping, aiding blood flow to rise from the normal rate of five to seven quarts per minute to as much as thirteen quarts per minute. This improvement continues even after your far infrared sauna session is complete. Far infrared heat bathes your muscles and tissues with infrared rays producing an increase in blood flow.

Far infrared also is a great avenue for detoxification. Autistic’s generally suffer from elevated toxins found in their systems. There are topical and environmental toxins that gain entry into their bodies via the lungs, from food, absorbed by skin or even through a new mother to her fetus. It is safe to say many of us are all in a state of complete toxic overload especially those with autism.

Small exposure from many daily toxins eventually incapacitate our ability to detox. As we accumulate deadly toxins our immune systems weaken and we become ill sometimes with deadly consequences. So what is the solution to toxic overload; far infrared sauna use. Detoxification is one of the main benefits realized when using far infrared sauna therapy consistently.

Children and adults with autism find far infrared sauna therapy very relaxing, for children in particular. Many find this therapy useful prior to their children’s bedtime routines. It calms and eases tensions as it relaxes and aids in a great night’s sleep. Best to use far infrared saunas consistantly in particular if autism is present. You will be amazed at this therapy’s ability to detox, increase healing and improve the blood’s circulation.


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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

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