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Written by Christopher Kiggins

Infrared saunas open blood vessels and lower blood pressure

I come from a family with a health history which has always included a couple of health issues I have always known to be aware of and watch for. One is diabetes and the other is high blood pressure. As I head into my thirties I do monitor my blood pressure and was alarmed to find it creeping up a couple of years ago. This sparked an interest in discovering how far infrared sauna therapy actually helps lower blood pressure. I increased my sauna time each week and currently my blood pressure is perfectly normal.

The consistent use of a far infrared sauna has been clinically demonstrated as a premier way to naturally and effectively lower a persons blood pressure. From the University of Missouri, in Kansas City, comes a 2005 clinical study proving this. This study provided evidence that the use of far infrared three days a week for a minimum of thirty minutes decreased blood pressure naturally. 

As the study wrapped up findings discovered far infrared sauna therapy reduced the inner lining of blood vessel thickness even as it dilated blood vessel walls. This resulted in an increase in circulation and a return to healthy blood pressure readings.

Another study this time from Japan, The Journal of Cardiology 2008, decided to compare far infrared results with standard therapies used for patients suffering from chronic heart failure. They wanted to examine not only the safety of these treatments but their effectiveness, as well. 

What they found corroborated the University of Missouri study; improved blood vessel function along with lowering of blood pressure. Both these studies ascribe to the notion that far infrared sauna therapy has a preventative role in both lowering and maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

While utilizing the gentle infrared heat from a far infrared sauna we naturally release nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is used to regulate and normalize the size of our blood vessels. While enjoying a sauna your are relaxed which is the first way to lower blood pressure. As we positively respond to the far infrared heat cardiac output is increased.

Additionally, the body’s metabolic output is greater due to an increase in blood flow, improving circulation and to muscle oxygenation. This is almost the same result we obtain while participating in an even moderate amount of exercise. Taking a far infrared sauna isn’t a replacement for exercise however it is considered be another mechanism that assists in lowering blood pressure.

While in a far infrared sauna, blood flow rises from a normal five to seven quarts a minute to as many as thirteen quarts a minute, in line with a heart rate increase of twenty-five or more beats per minute. Due to the fact that infrared rays from an infrared sauna deeply pierce into the body’s muscles, tissues and organs between two to three inches, all of the muscles, tissues, and organs experience a healing and beneficial heating effect.

This penetrates into all the body’s internal organs. What naturally occurs next is called a hypothalamic-induced response; an increase in blood volume and heart rate. The corollary is a favorable heart stress akin to the results after a cardiovascular training session with the resulting positive conditioning effect.

The entire cardiovascular system is improved and healthier as the body cools itself. This is your body’s “rest and digest” mode of unconscious actions that are responsible for transmitting sensory information from your body’s organs to your central nervous system. This transmission tells your body to relax.

Additionally, when using the far infrared capillaries stretch and expand which naturally increases the flow of blood. Next, the opposing and complementary nervous system response is the sympathetic nervous system. This is the fight or flight response which alerts your body to be aware and to act in the face of danger requiring a quick response. Your body must be in one mode or the other at all times.

Finally, when your body goes into relaxation mode in the parasympathetic response, your blood vessels expand through vasodilation. Your nervous system alerts your heart to pump faster and demands your arteries, vessels, venules, and veins to allow more blood to pass through. 

This causes a natural drop in blood pressure resulting in a more normal and healthy reading. To maintain healthy blood pressure I use my Far Infrared sauna a minimum of thirty minutes five days a week. Combined with a relaxing shower afterword I am relaxed, feeling great and best of all my blood pressure is totally normal.


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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

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