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Written by Christopher Kiggins

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Near Infrared Lamp Sauna

You’ve been searching for a new sauna and are now completely confused as to what type and size to buy-add to that you are also bombarded with the controversy revolving around near versus far infrared heat within the same sauna! I will attempt to break down all the components of the information for you so that you are able to make a more informed decision on near vs. far infrared.

So, which is better near or far infrared? Most of the benefits from the use of an infrared sauna come from the heating elements. Many believe near infrared heat is safer, more efficient and cheaper. Let’s dive in.

Near infrared light increases energy levels within the cell utilizing the natural cellular response to its unique wavelength.

The use of near infrared can lead to efficient and accelerated healing of the skin and cells within the body.

The introduction of near infrared saunas came to be in order to mimic the heat and health benefits of far infrared saunas. Though beneficial on their own, these near infrared saunas are simply unable to produce the benefits of far infrared–here’s why. The object of any infrared sauna is to make you sweat. This is accomplished through the body absorbing infrared light which results in whole body hyperthermia. In order to achieve this, the body must be heated utilizing an optimal wavelength of light (in the infrared spectrum).

benefits of far infrared sauna - infrared heater

To get the near infrared band of infrared light, you must heat an object to 2,750 °F, which is highly uncomfortable for most people to sit 3 inches away from. Shall I repeat that temperature? 2,750 °F! Because near infrared heaters are so hot, in a near infrared sauna there is only one side of the body being heated at a time. Take a look at the following picture:

far infrared vs near infrared - sauna heater

In order for your body to receive the near infrared light, you must ‘rotisserie’ yourself during your sauna session.

Rotisserie Cartoon - infrared heater

In the infrared sauna environment near infrared is too hot to be comfortable for an extended period of tim. It can also only be used on one side of the body at a time. Making it an effective way for your body to receive healing infrared light waves 360 degrees around you.

Far infrared is the original infrared sauna and is now the most popular type of home sauna.


Hyperthermia as a result from far infrared produces a deep sweat that can be sustained for a much longer period of time than near infrared. When a hyperthermic rise in core temperature is sustained for a long period of time amazing things begin to happen simultaneously: your cardiovascular, lymphatic, immune and integumentary (skin) systems all are stimulated equally. Your heart begins to pump more quickly, blood vessels vasodilate, the lymphatic system recycles old blood and your skin excretes waste in the form of a good sweat.

The best way to sustain this sweat is through the use of a far infrared sauna–not a near infrared sauna.


In an our far infrared saunas you get 360 degrees of far infrared light penetrating your body. You are literally one hundred percent enveloped in healing, infrared light. Because they are 200 degrees °F, they are so much more comfortable to sit 2-3 inches away from than the 2,750 °F temperature heaters of a near infrared sauna.

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