Infrared Sauna Cardiovascular Health [2021 Guide]

Take Stress off your heart while lowering BP

Written by Christopher Kiggins

Cardiovascular Health is Improved by Using an Infrared Sauna Cardiovascular Health is Improved by Using an Infrared Sauna

Perhaps one of the most underrated results of regular infrared sauna use is the benefit to your heart. Detoxification and weight loss are far more popular topics, but the fact remains cardiovascular disease kills more Americans every year than every other disease combined.

Your heart keeps you alive by pumping oxygenated blood through your body. It flows from your arteries to your blood vessels into your blood venules and then all the way to your capillaries, where the body’s most important function occurs—cellular perfusion.

This is the purpose of your heart—not to pump blood, but to pump oxygen to your cells

Once your heart stops pumping, your body has no way to rid itself of carbon dioxide and your cells become acidic. Infrared saunas contribute to heart health and lower your blood pressure naturally. 

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Sitting in an infrared sauna causes a chain reaction of events Sitting in an infrared sauna causes a chain reaction of events

First, your heart beats faster to bring blood to the capillaries just below your skin’s surface so sweat can be released through your skin triggering your body to go into the parasympathetic mode of your autonomic nervous system. This is your body’s “rest and digest” mode. It is the unconscious action responsible for transmitting sensory information from your body’s organs to your central nervous system. This transmission tells your body to relax.

Next, the opposing and complementary nervous system response is the sympathetic nervous system. This is the fight or flight response which tells your body to be alert and to act in the face of danger or challenges requiring quick responses. Your body must be in one mode, but not both, at all times.

Lastly, when your body goes into relaxation mode in the parasympathetic response, your blood vessels expand through vasodilation. Your nervous system tells your heart to pump faster and for your arteries, vessels, venules and veins to allow more blood to pass through. Blood pressure drops as a result.

While not the goal of this book, it’s good to know this: Blood pressure is best explained through the following analogy:

If your heart is a hand gently holding a bag of fluid with a straw leading out of it, the systolic blood pressure rate (top number when measuring blood pressure [120/80]) is the amount of resistance that the straw applies to the fluid when it attempts to leave the bag when squeezed. If the straw’s circumference is bigger, there is less pressure resistance, and if the straw’s circumference is smaller, the pressure is greater. The greater the pressure, the higher the systolic blood pressure number.

The diastolic rate (the bottom number [120/80]) is the amount of pressure exerted inside the straw (or arteries) during rest after the bag has been emptied through contraction through of the straw.


So when your body tells your heart to pump faster and to expand the circumference of your blood vessels, your systolic blood pressure will go down. This will also cause your diastolic blood pressure to drop.

This is how infrared saunas lower your blood pressure—expanding the means by which blood is transported through your body allowing for better and faster circulation through expanded blood vessels. Because your body is also put into the parasympathetic state, you are more relaxed and your sense of stress will be reduced. Most of the time this lowers your heart beats per minute. 

Over time, this will make a big difference in the health of your heart and lower your blood pressure. Lowered blood pressure equals less heart attacks, strokes, brain aneurysms and heart disease. 

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