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Setting the Standard in Custom / DIY Infrared Saunas

There is no better way to get exactly what you want than by designing your own sauna. However, there are some things to know before you dive in on your own.

Before building custom infrared saunas, I did all the research, looked into the types of wood, heaters and accessories and concluded I would combine my findings with some professional electrical assistance. This turned out to be a great success as I partnered with an electrician who allowed us to learn everything that’s required to make the very best custom saunas. 

Should you wish to build your own, no one will do it better by providing the best materials, helping build it and providing the most competent service after the sale.


Why Buy from SaunaCloud™

We have the hottest heaters and are the only custom sauna company to offer Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas.

We are electrician owned and we help you every step of the way with dedicated service and diagrams so assembly is easy.

We have a full 10 year warranty

We provide the best service after the sale, bar none.

VantaWave™ Quartz/Graphite



  • 97% Emissive
  • 190°F Surface Temperature
  • Wavelength in microns: 7.9
  • Average EMF: .20 mG
  • Most effective at raising core temp for 30+ minutes
  • Most comfortable
  • Long infrared wavelength for maximum absorption

Halogen Heaters


  • 97% Emissive
  • 775°F Surface Temperature
  • Wavelength in microns: 4.2
  • Average EMF: 3 mG
  • Very Effective at raising core temp for 20 minutes
  • Less comfortable/Most Intense
  • Shortest infrared wavelength for infrared absorption

Ceramic Heaters


  • 97% Emissive
  • 400°F Surface Temperature
  • Wavelength in microns: 6.0
  • Average EMF: 10 mG
  • Very Effective at raising core temp for 20 minutes
  • Less comfortable
  • Moderate infrared wavelength for infrared absorption

Carbon Heaters



  • 95% Emissive
  • 140°F Surface Temperature
  • Wavelength in microns 9.2
  • Average EMF: 30 mG
  • Least effective at raising core temp for 30 minutes
  • Least effective
  • Long infrared wavelength with little to no heat/absorption

We have 7 years of experience building custom infrared saunas all over the world and can handle any power requirements you have!


Here’s an example sauna from dimensions to the finished product


Once we receive your dimensions we’ll send you 3D drawings, a walkthrough video, and a detailed quote within 24 hours.


We’ll send you everything you’ll need to build your sauna with all instructions. We are electrician owned and can handle anything you could throw at us.


We’re with you every step of the way with unmatched support before, during and after the finished product.


We offer a full 10-year warranty on every component of your sauna


Hear from Doug, who owns the sauna we built above: