The Ultimate Guide to Arthritis and Infrared Saunas [2021]

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis

As I get older I feel like my body is failing ever so slightly. Specifically, I can feel my shoulder socket snap like it’s grinding a gear when I move my arm. There is also the pain and stiffness I experience when I stay in a fixed position for a lot of time. Every joint just moves slower

Now, at the time of writing this, I’m 35. I’m no spring chicken, but not as up there in age as some of you reading this book. That being said, there’s hope to feel younger using FIR therapy. It is widely acknowledged that consistent use of far infrared saunas seriously aids in the eradication of not only joint pain but also assists in the elimination of the more severe pain caused by arthritis.

I have personally heard from many far infrared sauna owners regarding this result for years as anecdotal evidence of pain reduction. This is good–we can all use a little less pain in aging joints. 

Pain relief happens when far infrared heat penetrates all of the tiny, miniscule muscles surrounding your joints, gets absorbed into your water molecules and soft tissue and increases circulation (while allowing oxygenated blood to flow efficiently to injured or sore joints). 

When muscles are warmed, in the far infrared heat, the body’s tissues made of collagen, become more flexible as they are exposed to the increased temperature. 

Muscle spasms are reduced and when nerve endings calm down, relieving pain, the body is able to heal naturally. Essentially, the gentle heat from far infrared soothes both the causes and effects of arthritis.

Now, far infrared heat will not cure all arthritis and joint pain; but when combined with frequent sauna therapy as part of an ongoing health regimen, a lot of the pain dissipates and your body will loosen up. 

For many, this is a significant improvement in your quality of life. This allows you to feel younger and maintain a more active lifestyle, which naturally boosts your mood, increases better mental health and improves your wellbeing. It also strengthens the muscles surrounding joints, effectively creating a baseline ease of movement that was much better before sauna therapy.

Those living with arthritis and frequent joint pain imagine the day they can realize relief without medication. Prescriptions alleviate pain; however, they can stress the liver when dangerous toxins increase. Then they will need to be eliminated. Because of this, those in pain are looking for an alternative to lower their pain and increase their mobility. Far infrared sauna therapy is the most effective avenue for pain reduction as it also compliments traditional medical therapies.

Recently a study attributed joint pain relief from far infrared sauna therapy to a temporary rise in the delivery of noradrenaline, cortisol, adrenaline, and growth hormones. These are all anti-inflammatory. 

Endorphins are considered to be the body’s natural painkillers; they are also released in a sauna session. The word endorphin is a combination of  “ENDO-genous”, which means ‘occurring naturally in the body’, and “mo-RPHIN-e”, (morphine) which is a pain-relieving compound. These beta-endorphins are natural opioids that are part of our natural painkiller system. This system is known as the “mu-opioid” system, which stops pain signals from going from the body to the brain.

From the above study, over half the participants received relief from general pain and enjoyed added mobility.  

From another study, a report produced by Saxion University of Applied Sciences, found that there are additional positive effects from far infrared sauna therapy. This university, located in the Netherlands, took seventeen individuals who suffered from arthritis, some from RA, and treated them with infrared sauna treatments over a period of four weeks. They discovered that this therapy decreased pain, stiffness, and fatigue and was significantly successful in benefitting pain reduction from those suffering from mild to severe arthritis. 

Arthritis pain can be debilitating. It is a serious disease and its symptoms are greatly relieved when utilizing far infrared therapy. The heat from infrared infiltrates tissues, muscles, and organs. It penetrates the blood flow as it excites the body’s cells to throw off and eliminate toxins. Circulation is improved, metabolism increases and tissues are re-oxygenated. The gentle heat from far infrared lowers pain levels and has been proven to relieve chronic pain, as well.

If you suffer from arthritis, always consult your health practitioner first about including my suggestion of utilizing far infrared sauna therapy into your daily health regimen. Combined with proper diet and exercise, a far infrared sauna may help you recapture a more active, pain-free lifestyle allowing you to enjoy more balance and abundant health in your daily living.

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