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Written by Christopher Kiggins

Infrared Saunas for Seniors
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This is a photo of my 81 year old grandmother, Lynne Lord Hamilton. She moved into our family home in 2012 and almost as quickly began using our Far Infrared Sauna. Initially Lynne would just sit outside in the sauna enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. 

She was always cold so we suggested she might enjoy actually turning the sauna on! My parents cleared this with her physician, he gave her the thumbs up and the rest is a great story.

Four years ago both my grandmother and our new, Golden Retriever puppy, Henry, arrived at our family mountain home, in Northern California. They bonded immediately and were often found looking guilty as they were discovered in various mischievous acts like raiding the cereal cabinet, sharing cookies from the pantry and ice cream from the freezer! 

No one was surprised when they were both caught outdoors sitting in the unplugged sauna. Henry just wanted to be with his ‘Grammy’. When we began turning the sauna on for Lynne nothing changed. We requested she leave the dog outside the sauna but would inevitably find them relaxing in the gentle heat, together. Seriously. 

Not having Veterinarian approval for a Doggy Sauna my grandmother learned to enjoy the infrared heat without Henry, though he always curled up and slept just outside the window/door of the sauna, ensuring her constant safety!


Seniors suffer from chronic ailments and varying diseases such as RA, pain from falls and injuries, chronic back and joint pain, regular arthritis, elevated blood pressure, heart issues, sleep disorders and many other common conditions. Lifestyle habit and diet changes aid in the overall treatment of these conditions. 

However, there is much to be said for good, old-fashioned techniques such as heat therapy. Heat therapy in its newest version, Far Infrared Therapy, or FIR, provides many solutions to problems unique to Seniors. Far infrared light is the frequency of invisible light generated naturally by the sun. 

FIR is a type of low energy therapy that takes advantage of the heat generated by waves of energy from the far end of the infrared spectrum. This safe and natural alternative therapy can be used in the treatment of a variety of health problems such as arthritis, circulation problems, high blood pressure, heart issues, skin eruptions from thinned skin, all types of pain relief from muscle pain and spasms to shoulder or joint stiffness caused by a variety of chronic conditions. 

Far Infrared heat also benefits a Senior’s body by boosting the immune system, detoxing through perspiration, allowing for lymph system flow, healing by increased circulation of warm, oxygenated blood and by reducing tension and stress and aiding in a great nights sleep.

Far infrared waves penetrate up to two inches deep to generate warmth that can provide immense relief to muscles and promote the health of all internal organs. The gentle, warm heat produced while utilizing FIR provides an analgesic effect on the body and can help reduce, even eliminate, chronic pains that seniors often experience in various parts of their bodies. 

Stiffness in the joints from arthritis can be significantly relieved. Far Infrared heat allows connective tissue more flexibility, permits greater joint movement and brings about increased levels of endorphins. Seniors need more endorphins for mood stability. Far infrared therapy also causes blood vessels to expand. 

This expansion leads to improved circulation and allows the immune system cells to attack injured areas to facilitate the healing process. Despite the heat induced, FIR therapy does cause a slight rise in core body temperature and actually lowers blood pressure making it perfectly safe for Senior’s with any cardiovascular problems.

There are several brands of Far Infrared therapy saunas, with varying types of heaters, on the market today that provide direct infrared heat therapy. I favor the dual carbon/ceramic True Wave II heaters. These are used to deliver whole body therapy along with the many benefits of FIR. 

These dual heaters generate radiant heat that penetrates deep into the body to provide natural pain relief, connective tissue more flexibility, greater joint movement and increased feelings of total well-being. All Senior’s could benefit by adding Far Infrared Sauna therapy into their daily/weekly heath routines. I know my grandmother did – the dog is still trying!

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I am glad infrared saunas have developed the way they have, because I couldn’t imagine my life without the benefits they provide, like deep sleep, lower blood pressure, less joint pain, weight loss, and a boosted immune system. Here at SaunaCloud I sell saunas that are some of the best history has offered. My far infrared saunas use advanced ceramic-carbon combination heaters for an amazing sauna experience. For more information on how SaunaCloud’s infrared saunas work and how they can improve your health, download my book The Definitive Guide to Infrared Saunas. Just give us a call at SaunaCloud 1.800.370.0820.

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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

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