Infrared Saunas and Staph Infections [2021 Guide]

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Written by Christopher Kiggins

Infrared Saunas and Staph Infections

Exactly what is a Staph infection? Technically it is called Staphylococcus aureus. It is a very dangerous bacterial infection, resistant to most penicillin-based antibiotics and methicillin. It is somewhat interchangeable with another infectious disease called MSRA – or mersa.

Generally, people in good health have Staph on their skin and it does not cause a problem. However, should that healthy individual injure themselves, or even get a common infection, Staph can become a serious issue. 

If it finds an entrance into the body minor infection can occur as can major infections such as pneumonia or other related blood infections. One of the most effective alternative means of battling staph, besides taking proper medications, is the consistent use of far infrared sauna technology.

Common symptoms of Staph are extremely similar to MRSA symptoms:

• Skin appears red and inflamed around wound site
• In serious cases may include fever, lethargy, and headache
• Urinary tract infections, pneumonia, toxic shock syndrome and even death

In addition, MRSA specific symptoms include:

• Pus-filled red bumps sometimes appearing like a spider bite
• Warmth
• Pain
• Swollen, red, tender skin lesions

Staph and MRSA are not just infections most common to children. They are generally found in hospitals where the extremely ill and elderly reside. Places where individuals gather become a problem. Close contact in areas like a school, gym or even the usually presumed clean halls of the hospital, can be dangerous and full of Staph or MRSA. 

Those most at risk have typically had a long-term illness, use IV drugs, have immunity issues or have been on a long course of antibiotics. The CDC reports more deaths per year from Staph/MRSA than AIDS. This infection may be responsible for over 19,000 yearly deaths and over 94,000 associated infections.


The conventional treatment for Staph/MRSA is to simply not get it in the first place. This can be prevented by washing the hands thoroughly, using sanitizers for topical skin along with other alcohol-based alternative cleansers. Sulfa drugs do aid in the cure of these infections even as most antibiotics do not. Also effective for treatment are tetracycline, clindamycin, vancomycin, and linezolid.

Staph and MRSA are very serious but their symptoms can also be distinctly uncomfortable. Far infrared sauna therapy has been proven extremely effective in not only alleviating the symptoms of these infections but also in the treatment and elimination of the infections themselves.

There are currently so many articles out there touting the benefits of far infrared sauna therapy that I decided it was time to review the many benefits of infrared heat and how it battles infection; in particular Staph and MRSA. It has now moved from the realm of magic to medical. 

For decades far infrared has been on the market and fortunately, for its many thousands of users, there is now actually definitive proof of successful, medically proven results when utilizing the gentle heat from the infrared waves. Notably, far infrared heat eradicates most agents of disease. It assists in the removal of toxic elements from air, water and the environment in general.

Patients suffering from Staph/MRSA have shown positive benefits after undergoing far infrared sauna therapy. Improvements in symptoms have included reduced pain, inflammation, stiffness, added energy and fewer antibodies found in their follow-up blood tests. 

Along with the symptoms and pain of these infections sometimes depression follows. In another study using far infrared sauna therapy, patients in pain also experienced depression as well as fatigue and lack of a healthy appetite.

Over the course of four weeks of sauna therapy, there was a significant increase in their ability to combat depression, to relax, have a better appetite, and experience reduced overall body complaints. When a patient is mentally balanced, relaxed, sleeping better and enjoys an increased appetite healing time is accelerated. 

The warm and gentle far infrared rays truly have a proven record for reducing additional toxic exposure and chemical sensitivity all the while detoxifying the body as it enjoys the many benefits from the infrared; infection diminishes and balance is restored.

Particularly uncomfortable with Staph/MRSA can be the upper respiratory symptoms found with pneumonia. One of the positive by-products of consistent far infrared sauna use is an easing of these painful symptoms. 

Infrared has a proven track record in healing symptoms from asthma, bronchitis, colds and the flu; not to mention pneumonia associated with Staph. When blood toxins are reduced a patients artery walls are smoothed; same as in the veins and capillaries. Swelling is diminished, mucus is cleared and passages healed.

Detoxification of the cause of the infection occurs, white blood cell function increases allowing for a more efficient immune response. When the infection from Staph/MRSA begins to be eliminated the sweat carries the toxins from the body as waste. Far infrared even eases the symptoms on a patient’s skin as inflammation is decreased even after only a few sessions.

The use of far infrared sauna therapy is an amazing tool when fighting Staph/MRSA. It truly aids in the healing process as it gently assists in the reduction of the many associated and uncomfortable symptoms of these infections. It is also wonderful for the maintenance of general, overall physical health. 

Far infrared waves bathe all layers of the body as they deeply invade the inner-most regions of the tissues, muscles and bone; truly curative. Not only is far infrared sauna therapy necessary as a compliment to traditional medicine, as it heals infection, additionally, it benefits the mind, body, and spirit!

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