Infrared Saunas and Psoriasis

Heal your skin through infrared therapy

Written by Christopher Kiggins

Infrared Saunas and Psoriasis

Psoriasis turns your skin cells into Type A overachievers: They grow about five times faster than normal skin cells. And your body can’t keep up. The old ones pile up instead of sloughing off, making thick, flaky, itchy patches.

Psoriasis is commonly confused with eczema. This is because both psoriasis and eczema cause inflamed, red and irritated skin. Psoriasis causes well-defined areas of thick, red and scaly patches of skin in the elbows and knees (but can occur on other areas of the skin). 

It’s common to see psoriasis on the torso, face, buttocks, and scalp. You’ll also see thick patches of pink, scaly skin. Eczema, however, appears in the crooks of the knees and the elbows but can also show in the neck and the face.

The power of infrared sauna therapy can cause amazing relief in psoriasis sufferers
If you suffer from psoriasis, you know that it’s not easy to find relief. One of our salespeople has it and has suffered from it all his life. He is usually having an outbreak of some sort and the only way that he has found relief is by getting an infrared sauna and using it on a consistent basis.

During outbreaks, he complains about itching, burning sensations that make him scratch all the time. He has it mainly on his chest, arms, legs, and back.

What causes psoriasis?
When you have psoriasis, the genes that control your immune system signals get mixed up. Instead of protecting your body from invaders as it’s designed to do, it promotes inflammation and turns skin cells on overdrive.

When your immune system is low, you are more vulnerable to this skin disease. That’s why infrared saunas have such an amazing effect.

How does an infrared sauna treatment work for psoriasis?
Infrared sauna therapy brings fantastic results for those who suffer from psoriasis. Here’s why:

• The infrared energy penetrates deep into your skin – up to 2 or 3 inches deep, heating up your body. This artificial fever has a positive effect on your immune system. Often misunderstood, fever is a natural healing response of your body. Your body naturally boosts the function of your immune system during a fever, slowing down virus and bacterial growth. This helps ward off invading organisms.

If you shiver at the thought of the more traditional psoriasis treatment approach with injections, infrared therapy may very well be the perfect fit for you. I offered my friend to try a few sessions in my infrared sauna, but so far he hasn’t tried it yet. 

I am so curious to find out how his skin will react. I will definitely update my website when he will have done a few sessions, so that you know what the outcome is.

• Infrared sauna therapy allows increased blood circulation to carry great amounts of nutrients to the skin, thus promoting healthy tone and texture. It also provides a mild cleansing of the skin.

Just recently I also came across another very informative and elaborated website about psoriasis and natural treatment, where sauna is also mentioned as one of the possible treatments for psoriasis.

• It is my personal opinion after seeing up close how an infrared sauna can clear eczema that an infrared sauna will boost the user’s immune system so much that it makes their overall health much better. The epidermis (the skin) is the largest organ of the body; because of this, the skin’s overall health is often a good indicator of the personal overall health. 

By using an infrared sauna, the eczema sufferer gets healthier and their skin begins to clear up. Infrared saunas are also extremely successful in relieving stress, which is also a trigger for eczema. You will be amazed at how much more relaxed you feel after even just one infrared sauna session.

It is recommended that people who suffer from eczema use an infrared sauna at least three times a week–however, I would say use one everyday if you can. The more often the better and the more of a boost your immune system will receive. The better your immune system is, the clearer your skin will be! If you don’t think so, I’ll give you 30 days to try out one of our saunas to find out!

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