How to Detoxify Your Liver Naturally

Infrared saunas speed detoxification

Written by Christopher Kiggins

How to Detoxify Your Liver Naturally

We are all bombarded, daily, with toxic exposure. This begins with the little things such as our choice of deodorant, hair products, perfumes and body lotions. This is followed by the big things like the water we drink, our food choices and the air we breathe. It is thus imperative we assist one of our most efficient organs, which enables our bodies to rid itself of these toxins; our ever-hardworking livers.

When the body’s liver becomes toxic it can become filled with toxins. This then leads to a variety of disorders, symptoms and even disease.

What to do? Simple – eradicate this congestion.

You can actually begin today to spark your body’s own natural detox systems. There are many ways to improve liver function and rid this essential organ of hidden toxins. However, it’s first important to learn how to support a healthy liver.

You should begin by eliminating as much toxic exposure as possible. For example, pay attention to where you are, what you are eating and what you are drinking. Try to breathe as much clean air as possible followed by drinking pure, filtered, water. Follow this by paying attention to the foods you consume, refraining from soy products, processed foods and sugar. All these cause inflammation within your system. 

Avoid alcohol and caffeine when at all feasible. Instead, introduce healthy foods such as organic vegetables and fruits. Drink healthy green juices and teas as they also aid in the reduction of inflammation. Here is why inflammation is bad. All this greatly improves liver function.

If at all possible reduce your toxic exposure to other avenues that can irritate your liver function.

Review all your personal products and pay attention to the items you use in your home, that daily, may be adding to your toxic overload. Try to use as many natural personal products as possible. Buy a good water filter, use all natural cleaning products, avoid all plastics, use natural hair products and become hyper-aware of everything in your environment! 

It’s a challenge at first but truly becomes easier as you become cognizant of all that surrounds you. Once you have somewhat improved all of the above, perhaps the most efficient and pleasant way to up your liver function is a daily far infrared sauna session. These saunas can be found at a lot of gyms/day spas and are also surprisingly affordable to purchase for your own home use.


Far infrared saunas cause you to gently sweat while detoxing and making sure that your detoxification organs are all running at their highest level; improving your liver function. There is simply no better way to release those toxins residing in your body than a good sweat. It is the body’s natural avenue for toxin release and takes a lot of pressure off of your liver.

I acknowledge there are many ways to detox. However, if you combine correct and healthier eating/drinking protocols, avoid as many toxins as possible and add in mild exercise like yoga, you cannot go wrong. The cherry on top of it all is the daily use of a far infrared sauna. 

Even if used only a couple of times per week, you will be assisting your embattled liver with some much needed rest and the ability to more easily throw off all those nasty toxins. Your liver works tirelessly for you each and everyday, so return the favor!


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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

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