How Infrared Saunas Lower Blood Pressure [2021 Guide]

Increased blood flow lowers blood pressure

Written by Christopher Kiggins

How Infrared Saunas Lower Blood Pressure How Infrared Saunas Lower Blood Pressure

The way that I learned to explain how blood pressure works is through the following analogy:

If your heart is your fist that is gently holding a bag of fluid (let’s say purple gatorade) with a straw leading out of the bag, the systolic rate (the top number when measuring blood pressure [120/80]) is the amount of resistance that the straw applies to the fluid when it attempts to leave the bag.

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In real life, this would be your aorta (the artery that allows oxygenated blood to flow from your heart to the rest of your body).

So if the straw’s circumference is bigger, there is less pressure—if the straw’s circumference is smaller, the pressure is greater. The greater the pressure, the higher the systolic blood pressure number.

The diastolic rate (the bottom number [120/80]) is the amount of pressure that is exerted onto the straw (or arteries) when the heart is at rest in between your heart beats.


So when your body tells your heart to pump faster and to expand the circumference of your blood vessels, your systolic blood pressure will go down. Because your arteries and blood vessels have expanded to allow more blood through, they exert less pressure during diastole (when your heart is at rest), which then causes a drop in diastolic blood pressure

It is through this manner that infrared saunas will lower your blood pressure—expanding the means by which blood is transported through your body allowing for better and faster circulation. Because your body is also put into the parasympathetic state, you are more relaxed and your feelings of stress will be reduced. This also naturally reduces blood pressure. These two factors begin to work together in unison causing a major decline in blood pressure.

This all results in less stress upon your body, mind and heart–all resulting in greater health.

Albeit anecdotal, besides amazing sleep night in, night out, the number one health benefit that I personally receive when regularly using my sauna is lowered blood pressure. I have hereditary high blood pressure on my Father’s side. If I get stressed for prolonged periods, let my weight go 15-20 pounds over where I should be, or eat improperly, my blood pressure likes to sit at 135/90ish. Being 34, this is not great. If you allow your blood pressure to stay over 120/80 for too long, only bad things can happen. You know the common risks and you should know your numbers.

When I am rigorous in my sauna routine I am calm of mind and heart. I don’t hear my heart pumping in my ear before I go to sleep at night, I don’t feel my pulse pumping in the 90’s throughout the day and as a result my blood pressure drops to very normal levels. However, this only happens when I pay attention and use my sauna like it’s going out of style!

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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

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