How Infrared Saunas Help Cancer Patients

Infrared heat targets cancer cells

Written by Christopher Kiggins

How Infrared Saunas Help Cancer Patients

This is a difficult subject for me to write about as I have lost many family members to cancer; friends, too. Also, this is a subject that can be dangerous to speak of, as well. When discussing cancer and far infrared sauna therapy it is always advisable to add the disclaimer that I am not a professional and therefore can make no promises in terms of prevention or cures. That said I can report on what others have discovered and experienced. The results of consistent use of far infrared are very promising in terms of cancer prevention and possible cures.

Throughout this planets, long history people from all cultures have been using saunas. The Finns began using them to bathe in and with the new far infrared technology developed, sauna therapy does so much more than providing a simple bath. The far infrared heat removes toxins and diseases enabling the body to enjoy optimal physical and mental health. Far infrared can also play a significant role in cancer reversal and prevention.

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Commonly quoted is Lawrence Wilson, MD. In 2004 he wrote an article on far infrared sauna therapy and the battle combating cancer. He believed wholly in hyperthermia being the most efficient avenue to combat cancer. Many times he stated that far infrared heat removed toxins and chemicals, increased oxygenation and enhanced the body’s immune system. He also noticed it reduced any radiation burden.

Far infrared provides a form of hyperthermia affecting the entire body. Hyperthermia is the induction of a fever-induced artificially for therapeutic purposes. Lawrence Wilson, MD, noted that far infrared offered a combination of healing mechanisms for cancer patients. Hyperthermia resulted in the fight against cancer both simultaneously and synergistically.

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Utilizing heat, or inducing a fever in cancer patients, is not new. The Greek physician, Parmenides, agreed. Simply stated he believed a fever could cure any disease; this was over two thousand years ago. William Coley, MD, published a paper in 1891 about this very subject. Noting that cancer patients who became feverish sometimes went into remission, his research revolved around the revelation that induction of a fever, in the body of a cancer patient, possibly stimulated the body’s natural immune response thereby causing cancer to subside.

Currently, many hospitals in the USA offer some form of induced infrared hyperthermia for cancer patients, the easiest and most efficient being the use of the far infrared sauna. Far infrared sauna therapy heats the patients body causing a fever, boosting health in several ways.

The National Cancer Institute states that effective thermal therapy, hyperthermia, not only permanently damages cancer cells it also destroys them. This can be accomplished without collateral damage to healthy cells. 

Additionally, it has been found that tumor sizes are greatly reduced when utilizing this thermal therapy. Other scientists published results on research with mice. They found and reported in the Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy, 2009, that far infrared therapy reduced cancerous tumor volumes by 86% in only thirty days.

Normal cells within the body can tolerate heat; cancer cells cannot. Hyperthermia proves how very sensitive cancer cells can be. They simply cannot live when exposed to excessive heat; in particular, heat from far infrared. Cancer cells cannot adapt and reproduce at higher temperatures. 

Tumors are simply unable to handle heated blood circulating around them. Cancer cells are weaker than normal ones thus more susceptible to elevated heat. It has been shown, in many studies, that high temperatures actually kill cancer cells while maintaining the integrity of surrounding healthy cells.

When battling cancer, or attempting to prevent it, adding far infrared sauna therapy into your health routine assists in killing all types of abnormal cells. The cells that can best be eradicated include those containing radioactive toxins and minerals; even defective or abnormal cells. 

Though far from conventional the use of far infrared sauna therapy and the resultant hyperthermia is a well-researched therapy for cancer. This is not to be used as a stand-alone therapy. Far infrared heat is best used in concert with other effective and convention cancer treatments.

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