Go Ahead-Stick Out Your Tongue

Infrared Saunas Boost Immune Function

Written by Christopher Kiggins

Go Ahead-Stick Out Your Tongue

Stick your tongue out and take a good look at it. You’d be surprised at how much your tongue reveals about your current state of health. Also, look at your fingernails. Their color, shape and condition can signal serious health problems. 

Hopefully, everything will appear normal; if not the solution is as simple as employing an amazing immune boosting machine. The use of a Far Infrared sauna will improve your immune system, detox your body and have your tongue and fingernails looking great in no time.

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Let’s look at your tongue. When your mouth is closed your tongue sits against your upper teeth. However, you should not be able to see the outline of your teeth when you look at your tongue. If you can it means that your body is retaining fluids. This is not just fluid in your tongue it means fluid is being retained by your whole body. 

Fluid retention can theoretically be caused by failing kidneys, but in most cases it is simply a result of poor digestion. Your diet might need to be revised, or you could simply benefit from supporting your pancreatic function with digestive enzymes.

How to measure fingernail health

Next take a look at your fingernails. At the root of each nail you should be able to see a light-colored, crescent-shaped formation generally referred to as a moon. Healthy adults should have a moon shape on the bed of each nail except for your pinky. 

Moons are formed in childhood and should remain for a lifetime. However, if blood flow and oxygen at the fingertips is insufficient you will begin to lose your moons beginning with the ones on your ring fingers and ending with the ones on your thumbs.

The fewer moons you have, the longer lasting and more severe the condition. The significance of this is that if your fingertips are not receiving enough oxygen other peripheral areas of your body may not be receiving enough either, in particular your brain. Associated symptoms might include cold hands and feet, fatigue, or even memory loss.

It took a couple of years of consistent use of my Far Infrared sauna before I realized I was no longer getting sick anymore. The reason is actually pretty simple. When the body is heated, sick, diseased cells, bacteria and virus germs can’t survive. Heating the body every day is a great way to avoid if not eliminate infections. 

Using Far Infrared heat daily, for about twenty to thirty minutes, is a superior way to prevent illness. Keeping your core body temperature elevated even for only 30 minutes a day actually boosts your immune system.

Infrared saunas boost your immune system

The body’s immune system is given a huge boost while sitting in a Far Infrared sauna. This is due to the sauna’s ability to raise the body’s core temperature thereby creating a ‘false’ fever. As the body’s temperature elevates this temperature creates a hostile environment for any bacteria or virus cells within the body. 

This heat also triggers not only white blood cells, but Natural Killer cells, as well. The white blood cells and the Killer cells seek out the weakened diseased cells and obliterate them. This results in a superior and stronger immune system. It will improve the look of your tongue and fingernails, as well.

Also, Infrared saunas are clinically shown to help patients with weak immune systems suffering from really nasty germs; methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA. MRSA is a potentially deadly bacterial infection that is resistant to most antibiotics. 

Studies show that Far Infrared sauna therapy knocks out MRSA pathogens without causing increased inflammation. Another study from NASA showed that near Far Infrared sauna therapy can quadruple cell health and tissue growth.

Consistent use of Far Infrared sauna therapy can also assist with some of these other immune boosting strategies. Time spent in your Far Infrared sauna not only relaxes, refreshes, and de-stresses it also detoxifies, improves circulation and lowers blood pressure. All that and I found that I sleep so much better after even only one, thirty minute session. A good nights sleep is also effective for boosting immunity.

In order to boost your immune system, stay healthy and reduce your stress level, drink plenty of clean, fresh water, eat organic and healthy as much as possible, take a daily Far Infrared sauna, get plenty of sleep then sick out your tongue to bad health!

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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

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