Far Infrared and Sunlight

Sunlight is infrared, infrared is sunlight

written by Christopher Kiggins

Far Infrared and Sunlight

Sometimes I think we forget about the amazing details that truly make the benefits of far infrared sauna therapy so favorable. Years ago I switched from a traditional steam sauna to what I now use daily – my far infrared sauna. 

Occasionally it is good to revisit why infrared makes such a difference in terms of the end goal of all sauna therapy; improving and maintaining robust health. It really is all about the warm rays produced by far infrared saunas.

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When I was very young I vividly remember one of the most pleasant things I did outside was to lie down on the warm pavement in my backyard. Generally, this included my dog doing the same! There was simply nothing so comfortable as feeling the warm sun on my body as I relaxed and sometimes even caught a quick nap. 

Naturally, we tend to forget a great deal of our childhood daily activities so it is interesting to me that this is still one of my many happy memories. Now I know why I so enjoy far infrared sauna therapy. It feels like sunshine on a warm day. 

The gentle light from the infrared envelops the body in rejuvenating warmth as it literally melts away stresses and worries along with ridding the body of all the many toxins with which we are daily bombarded.

The temperature of an infrared sauna is comfortable at about 110 to 125 degrees. When infrared comes into contact with the body it penetrates well below the skin, raising core body temperature and enabling your body to sweat while sitting and enjoying a comfortable temperature. 

Because you’re still sweating as deeply as you can, an infrared sauna is going to feel much hotter than it actually is. This allows for you to sit in the sauna for a much longer period of time. Because of this, you are likely to come back to the sauna night after night, reaping its many rewards. So, not only does it feel great it’s benefits are immense.

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The far infrared sauna heats the object, or body, only, while not affecting ambient air temperature. Imagine yourself outside on a warm summer afternoon with the sun overhead gently warming you. Your body becomes heated from the sun, however, if the sun is blocked you will feel cooler, though the outside temperature hasn’t really changed. This is your body being heated by the sun and its infrared rays. Far infrared saunas heat your body in the same manner. 

The warm, gentle heat waves from far infrared is a natural heat. Infrared saunas issue a very narrow energy band between 5.6 and 15 microns that absorbs into your body between two to three inches. The positive result is increased circulation and repair of any damaged tissue. 

When utilizing far infrared heat therapy is it good to know there are no adverse effects from the sun’s normal radiation; infrared heat allows for the many health benefits of elemental sunlight.

It is true that this is the reality of the far infrared experience. Initially, all that effective sweating rids your body of toxins thus allowing for an immediate cleanse and decrease in Cortisol. This is followed by a clear head and any brain fog simply disappears. Immediately following is the sense of elation from raised Serotonin levels and a boost in Endorphins. 

They efficiently flood your system relaxing you beyond belief! It does not take many sessions in a far infrared sauna before you experience the great feelings elicited while inside; you feel like you’re floating on a cloud as you exit. If you really want to experience additional euphoria take a hot bath or shower after the sauna and you have the benefit of an amazing night’s rest.

Far infrared sauna therapy is elemental, comfortable, inexpensive and wonderful for your health. Now you know what it is and how it works so go get one, use it and begin to reap the huge health benefits afforded by far infrared sauna therapy. 

Remember, the warm and gentle heat from far infrared allows for all the healthy advantages of essential sunlight while negating any of the sun’s deleterious side effects. Infrared sauna therapy is natural, comfortable, inexpensive and wonderful for your health!

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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

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