Far Infrared and Muscle Maintenance

Relieve Joint and Muscle Pain in an Infrared Sauna

Written by Christopher Kiggins

Far Infrared and Muscle Maintenance

When I was young I loved being active. I still am. I love to move around, exercise and generally keep in shape. Currently, I do a lot of hiking and occasional running. This can really cause some muscle aches and pains, but not for long. After a workout, I settle in for a warm and relaxing far infrared sauna session.

Taking an infrared sauna is truly the most effective way to battle sore muscles and pain. Heat is another avenue for pain relief from just about anything, particularly stiff or sore muscles. A nice dose of warmth allows for blood to circulate and bathe the affected areas while also assisting in the healing of any damaged tissues. As blood flow increases stiffness decreases; sore muscles and tissues enjoy relief from most pain.

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The way far infrared waves work is easy to understand; infrared is simply warm energy. The light and heat from the infrared allow the body to absorb this healing energy better than other forms of varying heat. Deep penetration of tissues and muscles take in this gentle heat and repair damaged tissues.

Infrared heat can be used best inside a far infrared sauna. Far infrared saunas help take your training to the next level by aiding in fast and effective muscle recovery and also by assisting in increasing and enhancing your muscle flexibility.

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Far infrared sauna therapy amplifies recovery from damaged tissues and muscles. Studies from decades ago prove the effectiveness of the heat emanating from the warm infrared waves. It is simply well known that the infrared heat provides relief from most natural pain in particular muscle, joint or deep tissue pain. It is important to stop aggravating pain in nerve endings.

When relieved from pain the muscles around the nerves stop spasming. Then and only then can the body ease in normal pain relief as it relaxes easily into the process of healing. One trick I learned that was very effective helped improve my flexibility and range of motion; while inside the sauna, I stretched all sore muscles. After all, when your range of motion is normal all your muscles, joints and tendons are well protected assisting your body in protecting itself from further injury.

After all, it is almost impossible to be active if you are in pain. When enjoying the heat from far infrared one of its best by-products appears to be pain reduction. This occurs due to an increase in endorphin release and the reduction in stress and it’s many responses. 

Far infrared heat boosts B-endorphin levels; ACTH levels were reduced causing pain reduction. The bonus is these endorphins also affect mood even as they reduce symptoms resulting from an over-stressed body.

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Infrared Penetrates Muscles to Improve Recovery Time

Far infrared sauna heat works by penetrating tissues, joints, and muscles thereby increasing efficient blood flow allowing for better circulation. By reducing pain on the nerve endings, wherever that occurs, the far infrared heat from a sauna will reduce pain and muscle spasms allowing your body to relax and heal naturally. 

Far infrared therapy is extremely effective for all types of pain especially back pain. If you give far infrared sauna therapy a try I truly believe your disbelief will change to much-needed relief!

Also, utilizing far infrared sauna therapy, particularly after exercise, has been proven to have advantages as well. The infrared heat decreases the lactic acid build up in your muscles. Lactic acid is what causes your muscles to ache and feel sore after participating in any activity. 

The far infrared waves penetrate deep into your muscles, close to two inches, which increases the blood circulation to your cells. This increased blood flow equally transports fresh nutrients and oxygen to your depleted muscle cells and flushes out the waste products formed including lactic acid. Recovery time is remarkably faster.

The quickest and most effective avenue that both adds to overall flexibility even as it assists in almost complete pain relief can be realized when consistently using far infrared. Far infrared saunas are truly an amazing tool to add into your good health arsenal especially if you consistently exercise or just love to enjoy the outdoors.

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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

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