Far Infrared and EMF

The Lowest EMF and ELF of any Sauna

Written by Christopher Kiggins

Far Infrared Saunas and EMF

There are so many far infrared saunas on the market today. Seriously, the search for a quality product can be daunting and at best confusing. However, one of the most important considerations when purchasing a far infrared sauna is what that unit’s Electromagnetic Field (EMF) output is. EMF is one of the four basic forces of nature. All matter produces EMF; living or non-living.

I am looking to locate and identify the least producing EMF far infrared sauna. This primarily revolves around their heaters. Currently, there is zero scientific evidence suggesting low power, low-frequency EMF output is a health hazard; short or long term. Therefore the goal is to find a far infrared sauna with the industry’s lowest EMF level.

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An EMF reading is a wavelength or frequency that can be divided into two categories; ionizing and non-ionizing. Both can be harmful to all living things. Electric and magnetic fields surround us everywhere. EMF pollution consists of invisible spots of energy or radiation.

Generally, this is associated with and around large power lines, smaller electric power items and even many forms of natural or man-made lights or lighting. EMF surrounds us – outside, in our homes and in our work environments. High voltage power lines being the worst offender lower EMF levels are found in general household items, as well; computers, modems, phones, clocks, hair dryers, microwaves.

Many studies from the 1990’s were conducted on adults and concluded there was little evidence linking EMF exposure to any major illnesses. Other studies did demonstrate a link between EMF strength and health risks for childhood illnesses in particular leukemia. 

Currently, we are inundated with EMF from cell phones, wireless, and GPS. Measured in units called hertz, cell phone emissions, a form of radio frequency radiation, exist at the lower end of the non-ionizing radiation spectrum at the 900-1900 megahertz range.

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Supposedly there is no evidence linking cell phone use with adverse health issues. Many scientists disagree. However, NIEHS continues to suggest educating yourself on as many avenues as possible to reduce EMF exposure. 

Common sense suggests any exposure to extra radiation cannot be healthy. Why not protect and mitigate as much EMF radiation as possible? A pleasant and effective way to accomplish detoxing from overexposure to EMF is through the consistent use of a far infrared sauna.

Far infrared saunas heat the body not the space surrounding it. This is done from emissions of infrared heat in waves, like the heat from the sun, whereby it penetrates into the body’s tissues, muscles, and organs. Far infrared waves are generally safe. Hospitals use this same technology on newborns in the delivery room to warm the infants. However, what about any health risks caused by excessive EMF?

There are two national research organizations who have concluded there is zero evidence that low EMF exposure poses any health risk. These organizations are the National Research Council and the NIH. Third party testing suggests that the best far infrared sauna heaters, with the least EMF output, are the combination True Wave II Heaters.

EMF levels are measured in units called milligauss, or mG. By far the combination True Wave II Heaters, combining both ceramic and carbon, produce the lowest EMF mG rating. This is third-party tested and proven technology. The mG levels in these infrared sauna heaters are less than 2 mG well below the minimum safety threshold. Electromagnetic fields are the result of an electronic device with active circuits running through it.

There has been much debate about whether or not EMF is harmful to your health. After doing research on the subject I have come to the conclusion that it is something to watch out for in general, as well as in your far infrared sauna choice. Do your homework, look at the testing results and really watch for EMF readings on any far infrared sauna you are interested in purchasing.

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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

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