Far Infrared and Eliminating Symptoms of CFS

Lessen the burden of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Written by Christopher Kiggins

Far Infrared and Eliminating Symptoms of CFS

Over the years I have come across several clients in need of relief from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS. Far infrared sauna therapy comes highly recommended by their health practitioners and those who have knowledge of how helpful infrared can be in alleviating most of the symptoms of CFS.

According to the CDC the basic definition of CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is that it is a disorder presenting with extreme fatigue unable to be improved by any form of normal rest. This state is can actually be exacerbated by both physical or mental activity. The general symptoms that appear include pain; weakness, muscle spasms, impaired memory even insomnia. Far infrared sauna therapy has been an effective tool in the elimination of CFS symptoms and in mitigating CFS pain and discomfort.

Some physicians and scientists specializing in CFS believe there is a strong connection between the disease and toxins, especially heavy metals and chemicals. So many metallic toxins are found in the cells of the body. One of my clients with CFS completed a mitochondrial function test and discovered her body was filled with toxins. 

Her health practitioner immediately had her begin far infrared sauna therapy, as the gentle heat from the infrared is quite successful in detoxifying the body, through the effective sweat produced by the infrared heat.

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One interesting study involved two patients with CFS. Both of the subjects had prednisolone at their disposal; a drug widely used to treat inflammatory and auto-immune conditions. By the way? They decided to attempt another form of alternative therapy; far infrared sauna therapy. They tested the effectiveness of far infrared saunas along with current chronic fatigue treatment protocols.

The far infrared sauna therapy was used once a day for thirty-five days. Following this these patients stayed on this regimen for at least once/twice a week for over one year. There was truly an improvement. It only took between fifteen and twenty-five sessions to provide evidence that so many symptoms were mitigated; fatigue, pain, insomnia, even fever. There were zero relapses. All subjects enjoyed a positive rehab rate of six months post discharge. Far infrared sauna therapy is proving effective in the battle for relief from all of the symptoms of CFS.

It is advisable to follow certain safety measures prior to initiating far infrared sauna therapy. Try to avoid wearing any metal or jewelry of any kind. Be sensitive to your female cycle as heat can increase menstrual flow. Always pay attention to blood pressure as sauna heat does increase body temperature directly affecting your blood pressure.

More Sweat = More Relief

Pregnant women or those nursing really should acquire their caregiver’s approval before beginning far infrared sauna therapy. If you do utilize a prosthetic the metal it is made from should be cleared for short periods of elevated heat levels.

Shorter far infrared sauna sessions seem to be most effective. This also appears to assist in symptom elimination, as well. It is advantageous to try and relax as much as possible along with drinking a great deal of clean, filtered water. This will reduce any reactions from toxic purging. Eat light, healthy meals and continue any vitamin supplementation you may be on. 

If you engage in any other detox protocols this is fine; enemas, massage, colonics, acupuncture, or reflexology. All measures pointing to detoxification are beneficial. All measures to detoxify also aid in the lessening of the many symptoms related to CFS.

The more a CFS sufferer can comfortably sweat the greater quantity of toxins can be released from the body. This eventually reduces symptoms from the disease and in some cases, after retesting, toxicity has all but disappeared. One of the concerns I have addressed is the low tolerance for heat some CFS sufferers have as sweating tends to add to the fatigue.

The good news is far infrared heat is gentle, you can begin slowly and at a low temperature and even though the detox may take a bit longer the faster you begin to tolerate the heat the more quickly you will reap the benefits. For those who suffer from CFS, there is increasing evidence that regular far infrared sauna therapy greatly improves the symptoms and eventually the toxicity levels in the body.

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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

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