False Fever and Far Infrared Therapy

A False Fever Boosts Your Immune System

Written by Christopher Kiggins

False Fever and Far Infrared Therapy

February has arrived and I just caught a whopping cold. Besides hot tea and rest I am heading into my Far Infrared sauna for a much needed ‘false’ fever. Yes, you read this correctly. One of the least recognized benefits of Infrared therapy is the ‘false’ fever produced while inside the sauna. I must honestly admit all I want to do is stay in bed however I know better. Far Infrared heat and the small rise in core body temperature battles most bacterial and viral infections – even those that are chronic.

Infection, chronic or otherwise, plays a role in many conditions all the way from arterial disease and ulcers to arthritis and colitis. Many bacteria and fungi produce endo-and exotoxins that cause both local and systemic disease. Many of them are resistant to drug therapy. Therefore bodies weakened by toxic chemicals and heavy metals are more subject to attack by infections.

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Many infections are chronic, causing nagging complaints that never go away. This occurs especially in parts of the body with poor circulation such as the joints, ears and sinuses.  Heating the body is a natural mechanism the body uses to fight infections. Far Infrared sauna therapy not only heats, but powerfully improves circulation to help fight both acute and chronic infections. 

This is accomplished when the heat from infrared raises core body temperature. The elevated body temperature that we call fever is a different phenomenon from the elevated temperature that occurs during sauna therapy. However, there are many similarities between them. Safe fevers can be induced with Far Infrared saunas.

Research and experimentation reveal that at 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit of fever, certain immune system defenders, T-cells and antibodies, increased by 2000% over their number at normal body temperature.  Antibody production in the spleen increases dramatically during a fever. 

Scientists have concluded that the hormone-like substances, called interleukin-1, set off body defense cells to fight infection and also relay to the brain signals which increase core body temperature to provide an ideal climate for the multiplication of much needed defense cells. Also, fever, as described by Stephen E. Langer and James F. Scheer in, Solved: The Riddle of Illness, is that it “encourages quick inflammation in the immediate area of an infection and keeps it from spreading.”

The moment you begin feeling a bit under the weather get into your Far Infrared sauna for a very necessary boost to your immune system. The temperature increase induces a false fever and will help you battle whatever ails you. My colds usually last for over a week. While enjoying a Far Infrared sauna I can be assured of not only easing aches and pains but quickly halting the infection causing my cold. I already feel better!

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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

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