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Heal Your Scar with Infrared

Written by Christopher Kiggins

Far Infrared Repairs Damaged Skin

One of the best ways to heal an external scar involves daily use of a Far Infrared sauna. I know this because I personally watched a family member of mine go through minor facial surgery, then use the Far Infrared sauna daily and the scar is almost invisible today.  

Far Infrared boosts the body’s natural healing process that produces fibrous tissues to replace skin damaged after surgery, a cut, scrape or burn; a scar. Scar tissue is generally raised, thicker and a different color than the rest of your skin.

I’ve talked about Far Infrared sauna therapy and overall skin health before but I wanted to add to the information in terms of how it can almost eliminate scars. I believe how you look influences your overall health sometimes as much as your underlying health – I know that sounds crazy, but I have found when I look good I feel better. For this discussion I want to address Far Infrared sauna therapy and scar healing.

Far Infrared sauna therapy utilizes infrared technology which, as we know, provides a myriad of benefits to the body. Far Infrared easily enters through the skin and penetrates the body effectively repairing damaged tissues and nerves. Due to this your skins appearance greatly improves also reducing scarring. 

Far Infrared is also known to delay the signs of aging as the light energy is delivered through the body’s tissues and healed from the inside. There are no harmful UV rays with this therapy and the process is completely non-invasive.

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The most effective use of infrared therapy is daily use. However, results have been seen with as little as thirty minutes three times a week. Prepare your body prior to getting into the sauna. The cleaner your skin the easier it is for the FIR to penetrate your skin. Much safer than other treatments using UV rays this therapy is simply better and way more effective. Noticeable results have been seen in as little as one month.

Once you have been using the Far Infrared sauna therapy and begin to see results don’t stop! Maintain your treatments and try to enjoy the sauna regularly. Remember, when perspiring or truly sweating your skin becomes deeply cleansed which not only heals what needs to be healed it also improves the circulation, thereby creating a healthy and youthful glow. 

Not only is your circulation improved but blood flow and collagen production improve the overall look of your skin. This increased circulation, elimination of toxins and flushing out of the cellular debris enhances your entire body’s skin health, giving you a more radiant appearance. It will definitely improve both the look and the healing of any external scars on your body. Far Infrared sauna therapy helps to discard those scars!

I am glad infrared saunas have developed the way they have, because I couldn’t imagine my life without the benefits they provide, like deep sleep, lower blood pressure, less joint pain, weight loss, and a boosted immune system. Here at SaunaCloud I sell saunas that are some of the best history has offered. My far infrared saunas use advanced ceramic-carbon combination heaters for an amazing sauna experience. For more information on how SaunaCloud’s infrared saunas work and how they can improve your health, download my book The Definitive Guide to Infrared Saunas. Just give us a call at SaunaCloud 1.800.370.0820.

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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

I have been writing, learning, educating and generally pointing people in the right direction infrared sauna wise since 2012. Let me know how I can help: chris@saunacloud.com - (530) 417-1220