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Written by Christopher Kiggins

Find Autoimmune Relief with Infrared Saunas

It is amazing to me that so many people suffer from some form or another of an autoimmune condition or immune system imbalance. I have a couple of friends who deal with lupus and fibromyalgia respectively. Approximately fifty million Americans, fully twenty percent of the population, have some sort of autoimmune condition or immune system imbalance. 

In fact, according to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association there are around one hundred conditions that are autoimmune related. There are many theories as to why so many suffer from these group of diseases however, one theory they can agree upon is over-exposure to toxins. 

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One way to determine toxicity level is to have a hair tissue mineral analysis test. Once it has been determined what toxins are causing the problem it’s time to seriously detox. The most efficient way to rid your body of excess toxins is with Far Infrared sauna therapy.

First a bit about Far Infrared sauna therapy. These infrared saunas produce heat, the same that comes from the sun. Using this heat for health maintenance enhances your overall health. Radiant heat from the sauna surrounds your body enhancing oxygen flow and stimulating circulation while penetrating into joints, muscles, tissues and organs. Along with this it also removes, via sweat, a variety of toxins from your cells. 

Properly used your sauna can facilitate a lifetime of comprehensive good health. Far Infrared heat directly from the sun is entirely harmless. Infrared light is pleasant as it does not directly heat the body uncomfortably. It has longer thermal wavelengths while the short or near infrared waves are not at all hot. 

The most advantageous energy for abundant health is Far Infrared energy. That said the effects resulting from Far Infrared sauna treatments do happen in two parts.

In the first of these two main phases your body stays at basal level and perspiration is light. Your body is able to dissipate the additional heat by increasing your circulation and pushing blood towards the skin which promotes more vigorous sweating. In this first part your body’s temperature does not rise. 

However, it does include effects that inhibit the sympathetic nervous system which in turn induces profuse sweating even as it relieves pain, mitigates organ congestion, relaxes muscles and tendons, and allows for ligaments to gain flexibility. It also improves oxygenation of blood and organs and dilates peripheral blood vessels which in turn improves circulation and lowers blood pressure. 

Far Infrared waves match the frequency of the water in your cells allowing for toxin release. They exit the body via the bloodstream and sweat. The Far Infrared heat softens deposits of crystallized toxins and acid wastes in the joints, nerves, and connective tissues allowing them to dissolve and be excreted through the bloodstream, lymph system, and through the skin in the form of sweat. 

A lot of autoimmune issues stem from heavy metal toxicity. Far Infrared heat is particularly effective for eliminating heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, zinc and nickel from the tissues as well as toxins like nicotine, alcohol and many additional chemicals.

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So begins the second part of benefits from the use of Far Infrared. After approximately ten to thirty minutes enjoying infrared your body is no longer able to dissipate the heat from it. Your body temperature rises and your blood is more vigorously pushed to the surface. Your heart rate increases and sweating becomes profuse. A ‘false fever’ is induced and you may begin to feel a bit over-heated. 

Unlike inside traditional saunas, you can crack the door or open the ceiling vent to relieve your discomfort – this in no way interferes with the benefits of the infrared. Letting in a bit of fresh, cool air only helps your comfort level and allows you to remain inside for as long as you’d like.

Some of the best Far Infrared benefits happen during the second part of your infrared session. This is when your body begins to really heat up, get rid of and then eliminate all toxins and defective, diseased cells. Toxins, weaker cells and diseased cells, are dispersed via sweat. A body that has a low temperature is unable to fight infection and chronic infection. Common sites of chronic infection include the eyes, ears, sinus, throat, bladder and intestines. 

Overheating your body simply gets rid of a variety of nasty toxins. Concurrently the heat accelerates your heart rate and boosts circulation. It directly disables pathogenic microorganisms and removes cellular debris from the fatty tissue escaping the blood vessels.

Consider these two main phases, regarding the benefits of Far Infrared sauna therapy, when it comes to alleviating symptoms from any autoimmune disorder or imbalance. Far Infrared’s warm and gentle heat is also truly effective in treating arthritis, rheumatism, muscular spasms, soft tissue injuries, general pain relief and especially fibromyalgia-related symptoms. 

Revitalizing your health, reversing illness, and simply making you feel fantastic, Far Infrared saunas have been clinically shown to battle the many symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Infrared heat also aids in fighting cancer, reducing blood pressure, relieving pain, reversing heart disease, promoting weight loss and improving or even eliminating a host of various other issues. Adding in this amazing therapy could change your life. Give it a try!

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Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

Christopher Kiggins | Sauna Enthusiast

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