Appease Crohn’s Disease [2021 Guide]

Reduce Inflammation with Infrared

Written by Christopher Kiggins

Far Infrared Sauna Use Improves Chron’s Disease

One of the most beneficial uses of Far Infrared sauna therapy is the reduction of the body’s natural response to irritation; inflammation. One very nasty disease, Crohn’s, begins with inflammation and can cause a wide array of painful symptoms to include severe cramping, excessive diarrhea and irreversible damage to the body’s intestinal tract. 

Fortunately for those suffering from Crohn’s disease there is hope for potential and effective treatment and relief available when utilizing the warming rays from Far Infrared sauna therapy.

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Currently many studies have focused on the links between Crohn’s and diet. Many cite that those suffering with Crohn’s disease were allergic to wheat and dairy products. Eliminating foods to which Crohn’s patients were sensitive was found to be at least as effective as steroids in producing remission. 

It is also thought anything that lowers the inflammation in the intestine would aid in reducing diarrhea and thus assist in the healing of the intestinal lining.

Infrared Saunas Reduce Inflammation

Far Infrared sauna therapy uses the gentle, warming rays of infrared heat to reduce and even heal many core causes of inflammation. When circulation is improved the body’s core temperature rises stimulating blood flow, improving muscle recovery and most important, reducing inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s attempt at protecting itself from harmful stimuli so it can begin healing.

We now know inflammation to be the beginning of many if not most diseases. Inflammation is also part of the body’s immune response. It begins with irritation, in the case of Crohn’s possibly from diet choices, and changes into the immediate healing response of inflammation. 

Chronic inflammation can last several months even years. Inflammation is part of the body’s innate healing process however, best to heal the inflammation prior to allowing disease to develop. This can be accomplished with consistent use of Far Infrared sauna therapy.

Besides the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of daily sauna use why not add this therapy into your routine as it will aid in easing the pain from Crohn’s disease along with greatly reducing the inflammation caused by the irritation to the intestines? It can also be a really pleasurable way to maintain good health. Also, you do not need to spend hours in the sauna in order to enjoy it’s many benefits.

For most between fifteen and thirty minutes a day is all that’s needed to improve your circulation thus reducing inflammation. Increased circulation is wonderful for relieving pain, reducing stiffness and fending off inflammation. 

With targeted supplementation, dietary changes and the use of Far Infrared sauna therapy improvement from the cause and symptoms of Crohn’s disease is entirely probable if not possible.

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